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Making The Athlete First

Strength from the inside out …

There has been some movement towards finding athletes in schools and colleges to be developed into the next Olympians and some sports are coming round to trying to find more complete athletes rounded in a cross-section of sports.

In early years too much sport too soon is a recipe for burn-out, injury and future problems

In early years too much sport too soon and lack of cross training into a number of sports is a recipe for burn-out, injury and future problems.

At Chichester Sports Therapy, we are seeing ever greater numbers of school age children, some as young as 11 or 12 coming in for sports injury treatments, a large proportion of these being due to over use.

Making the Athlete First programmeThe growth phase is a major issue and at a time when many children complain of aches and pains particularly in the knees and ankles.

It is apparent when assessing and looking at training profiles of these children that they are not developing strength and flexibility in a balanced way and in tandem with these growth phases.

In particular, Core strength seems to be ignored and there is little joined up in terms of tailored programmes for children that include such vital ingredients as Core exercise, stretching, balance and posture. Not to mention assessing these things in the first place.

At Chichester Sports Therapy, we have designed a programme that covers all these areas and literally we are endeavouring to help Make The Athlete by utilising key ingredients essential in the sporting foundation and development of the individual.

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