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Core Strength Programmes

Exercise strengthens the body and stimulates the mind. Most exercise is good for us, but getting the balance right is not always easy.

CST offers Core Strength programmes tailored to the individual at whatever level or age group and they are designed to link into the lifestyle of the individual and can be done anywhere.

Courses can be on 1/1 or group basis and the first step is a consultation to look at the existing exercise profile and injury history.

The assessment includes analysis on posture, gait, and flexibility. There will be Core strength and balance tests with a full feedback report which could include video analysis.

Programmes aimed at schools come under our “Making The Athlete First” scheme. This embodies all the areas already outlined with emphasis on creating the athlete with the right strength and flexibility exercise for the age group and the child/adolescent. This also as a key ingredient to successful injury free sport.

Many of the exercises are Pilates based as a foundation and are designed to link into and compliment any areas identified in the consultation.

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