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Pilates Classes

Strength and flexibility can be lost very quickly at almost any age, whether through injury or lack of activity.

Muscles do not take long to weaken and imbalances can occur causing long term postural problems. Core strength is the maintaining of key structural muscles that are essential in having good posture, efficient movement and circulation.

The method called Pilates is an exercise that can be used to improve core strength as well as the maintaining of it. Much has been written about the man who invented this technique in the early 1900s, namely Joseph Pilates and he really was ahead of his time.

The Pilates method utilises the body’s own natural movements and strength in a mat-based format. There are thirty four classical movements, and these have been modified and utilised into both fitness and clinical environments.

1/1 Pilates classes in Chichester, West Sussex

We strongly recommend that you come and try 1/1 Pilates as this will provide you with a thorough understanding of the basics and will make it easier to integrate into a class. You will also be provided with a maintenance programme to do regularly. Individual posture and gait analysis will be undertaken and exercises can be tailor made to counter any negative areas.

Contact us to find out more about our 1/1 Pilates classes.

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Pilates classes, Chichester Sports Therapy
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