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Why Run When You Can Nordic Walk

We know about the benefits of running which is enjoyed by millions of people, however for many it has mixed blessings.

In particular those who feel they have to run to get the so called “Running High”but actually hate it. Also the injury prone, older age groups and the very unfit.

Actually you can achieve the same sort of feeling by Nordic Walking, whats more it works the whole body burning 46% more calories than ordinary walking.

The energy expended goes into the muscles and not the knees and joints.Its suitable for all ages and levels.

Nordic Walking can be very sociable, mentally stimulating and relaxing and  can be done any where. It also strengthens the core muscles more effectively than running which helps the posture, balance and flexibility.

Finally it can complement other sports as a cross training tool including running.

So I encourage you to try it as you will be surprised at the results.

Its easy to get on to the courses as I run free taster sessions every first Saturday of the month just contact me to get on to the next course.


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