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Nordic Walking

Chichester Sports Therapy introduced Nordic Walking classes in January 2014 and what a success they have been.

Already dozens of people in the Chichester area have perfected the technique through Charles’ Learn To Nordic Walk classes and have joined in with Regular walking groups.

So what is Nordic Walking?

It’s the best way to get the whole body working with the use of specially designed walking poles and a specific technique that ensures 90% of the skeletal muscles are being used.

It can be done by anyone, anywhere and if done properly can burn up to twice as many calories as ordinary walking.

It’s really popular all over Europe where it started as a way of keeping fit for cross-country skiing but it has taken off on it’s own as a very effective means of keeping fit, not to mention as a cross training tool for other sports.

Charles is a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and runs courses throughout the year and takes regular fitness and workout walks on a group and one to one basis for beginners up to the very fit.

You too can try one of the fastest growing fitness sports in the UK and here are ten reasons why you should:

  1. A third of UK adults prefer to exercise outdoors.
  2. It’s simple to learn needs little equipment and can be done anywhere at any time.
  3. It uses more muscles than running and swimming.
  4. The poles help to propel the walker so they actually go faster and further than they could without them.
  5. It is like using a Cross Trainer outside.
  6. The energy goes into the muscles and not the joints so there is less risk of injury.
  7. You can elevate your heart rate to similar levels to running but using more muscles.
  8. It’s perfect for balance and improving posture.
  9. Your core strength will also improve.
  10. It’s fun and a good way of meeting people.

The next step is simple. You can come and try one of Charles free monthly taster sessions, which run on the first Saturday of each month. This is followed by 2 Learn to Nordic Walk classes (£50) and then once you have your NW Certificate you can then join in the Regular Walks.

Please contact Charles direct or make an enquiry to book onto a course.

See the current schedule of courses and walks.

You can view Charles’ Profile and the dates of forthcoming Nordic Walking classes on the Nordic Walking UK website.

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