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We’re totally convinced that the sports injury treatments we offer are highly effective, and can undoubtedly benefit our clients enormously.

But don’t just take our word for it, and see for yourself what real people think about the assessments, treatments and other services offered by Chichester Sports Therapy.

I tore the muscles in my calf – one week before the Arundel Triathlon. I visited the centre and after several intense treatments and advice on how to avoid injury on my legs – I won the overall ladies event. I was thrilled. The treatments and manner in which they were conducted were excellent.

Sue Milne - Triathlete

I visited the centre in 2006 with a knee injury. Whilst following the rehabilitation programme I lost several kilo’s and felt really good. When I stopped the programme – I put all the weight back on, and more! Several months later – I visited the centre and after the initial assessment, we decided on a two day a week CV routine to lose 1 kilo per week. We achieved this every week, and now we have added short, simple exercises – during the day, and now I am losing almost 2 kilo’s per week. My diet has been adjusted and i’m eating better food during the day. This has given me more the energy to work, exercise and recover properly. I have been given so many compliments by friends, colleagues and family and I have no pain in my knee. I cannot reccommend the staff enough

Mrs T Vine , Chichester

I had suffered with back pain and pelvic problems for years. I’d visited several Physio’s and Chiro’s without success. After my asessment and tests, I was put on an all round rehabilitation programme, which was easy to follow, and after 3 sessions – my strength and core stability had increased, I was more flexible and my back pain had gone. I’m now sleeping though the night, with no pain as I get up. I cannot thank the centre enough for the friendly one to one treatment

Mr G Williams

I had suffered with headaches, neck and shoulder problems for ages. After one massage and painfree treatment on my neck – I was actually able to look over my shoulders whilst driving. My headaches have stopped and my back and shoulders are so much better. It feels incredible!

J Molyneaux. Swim instr.

During football i severly twisted my ankle. It was so painful and swollen I had to go to A&E. I was put on crutches for two weeks. I attended the centre and after the first treatment, the swelling reduced by 50%, I was put on a rehabilitation program and walked out without the crutches. I followed the therapists advice and after two weeks I was running – pain free. I cannot thank the staff enough.

Mr D Aze, Waterski & Windsurf instructor

I have suffered with headaches, neck and shoulder pain for years. After numerous visits to a physiotherapist and a doctor that weanted to inject a steroid into my neck, I visited the centre. After two treatments my shoulder and neck are virtually pain free and my headaches have dramatically reduced.

Mrs E Varvil

Having suffered knee problems for two years and visiting several establishments – I was given an immediate consultation, a thorough assessment and offered what can only be described as the best, honest advice – which was a possible ACL replacement (& numerous other disorders of the knee). We trained for pre surgery and then post surgery rehabilitation. I was very quickly back into aerobics etc.

Dr K Pagano

I recently had an unexpected onset of pain in my lower back and shoulder and went to see Sports Therapy Direct. After a full assessment, I was treated using highly-effective Ultrasound therapy. It made a real difference, and I can’t recommend the service enough! Thanks Charles for all your help!

Alex Stanhope, Chichester

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